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Fatigue reporting has to be made easy, fast and convenient

With todays busy flight schedules and often cramped duty rosters in scheduled and non-scheduled flight operations it is essential to keep the fatigue level of your most valued work force at an acceptable level. Pilots (and also Cabin Crew members) frequently suffer from sleep depreviation, jet lag and climate changes. If not properly managed, fatigue will become a factor. Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) is mandated and this simple app will help large and small operators to implement it.

The idea for the app came when one of the founders, an experienced airline pilot and safety expert, was tasked with the implementation of a fatigue management system in a major European carrier. We understand that people who run across our software will have different perceptions of what the software should do and how it should have been designed. We strive for a simple, easy to use solution which serves the purpose of smaller and larger operators. One of the very early lessons learned was that a fatigued crew member does not want to spend endless minutes in front of his desktop computer to enter a fatigue report.

Core Features

Fatigue reporting has to be made easy, fast and convenient
Mobile Track Fatigue report

Effective tracking of fatigue levels are enabled using fatigue reports.

Mobile Objective Fatigue Measurement

Fatigue levels are recorded based on certain measurable objectives.

Mobile Store Analysis On Your Server

The fatigue data can be analysed and stored in your safe server.

Mobile Performance Vigilance Testing (PVT)

PVT lets us analyse the fatigue levels of the person in operation.

Mobile Time Zone Mapping

Enables tracking and record-keeping of timezones travelled.

Mobile Mood Analyser

Considers emotional factor into account.

Why Fatigue Manager app?

All you need is here. Why you must have this app?
1.Why Fatigue Manager app?

Managing fatigue properly in the airline industry is key to flight safety. Modern air transport is a 24/7 industry with many of the staff (pilots, flight attendants, maintenance staff, dispatch officers, flight control officers) in an entirely irregular shift schedule.

2. Do you have fatigue reporting in place?

Ask yourself the question: “Do you have fatigue reporting in place and if yes, how useful is it to you and your management? Do you get the information which you seek? Based on that information are you able to control and mitigate risk caused by fatigue? If the answers are NO to these questions, you might want to take a closer look. Fatigue Manager App can help you improve reporting and data analysis.

3. Do you have regular fatigue surveys in place?

One important element of any fatigue management system is a regular fatigue survey. These are typically company-wide and are carried out once every three years or so or when changes in your organizational structure deem it necessary. Fatigue Surveys show long-term changes in how fatigue is perceived as a threat by your staff. Please contact us if you are interested in how to set up such a survey.

4. Do you have objective fatigue measurement in place?

What about objective fatigue measurement in your FRMS? Do you have objective fatigue measurement in place? If the answer to this question is NO, please read on. The Fatigue Manager App incorporates a PVT- Module.

5. What is PVT?

PVT stands for Pilot Vigilance Testing. It is a way to objectively measure pilot vigilance. The App includes a module which allows you to do just that. The test only takes 2 minutes so it can be done in a quiet phase of flight, e.g. cruise flight without interfering too much with daily work routines.

Fatigue Manager app is designed for air crews but can be equally well used in other sectors of the transport industry, e.g. railroad, trucking, or any industry were fatigue of operators is perceived as a risk.

App Modules

Simple, easy to use solution which serves the purpose of smaller and larger operators
Time Zone Map
Track your time zone

Fatigue Report
Create and submit
Fatigue report fast
and simple

PVT Game
Check your Vigilance

Mood Analysis
With increasing levels
of fatigue your mood
will likely changes

These modules are available at the time. Please contact us if you have any ideas for additional modules or suggestions for improvement.
Contact us at info@fatigue-manager.com
The App is available iOS & Android operating systems


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Data Analytics

Analysis and Tracking of Fatigue Data made Easy
Analysis of your fatigue performance data -

We can do the analysis for you and send monthly or quarterly reports. Keeping the data with us has the advantage that your data will be de-identified and you will not have to worry about sharing your sensitive information with investigation bodies in case of incidents or accidents.

If you wish to do your own analysis then the App can be adjusted so that the data of your users is stored on your server only. You are then free to run your own analysis and use your data to your likes.

Objective Fatigue Measurement

Giving Objectivity to your Fatigue Data
Filing fatigue reports is a simple but very subjective method to address fatigue. In the airline environment, however, there is a high demand for objective assessment of fatigue levels, in particular on certain routes, which can complements the purely subjective reports. Objective measurements of fatigue levels outside of the sleep-lab environment is a challenge. After all, who wants to wire-up his crew members while on duty? The Fatigue Manager App supports objective fatigue measurement through the PVT game.

We offer two technologies to complement the app´s data:

1. Eye Blink Analysis
Are your crews affected by micro-sleep?
The Viewpointsystem eye-tracking goggles use state of the art technology and are extremely light weight (only 41 gram) and comfortable to wear. The pilot remains in full control of when the recording starts and when it ends. The googles absolutely do not interfere with flight deck activities. Note that only a short recording time is required to objectively assess the wearer´s fatigue level and detect micro-sleep.
2. Heart Rate Variability
Learn more about the long-tem fatigue of crews
The system is comfortable to wear and easy to use. The user is in full control. It takes approx three minutes to complete the test.
We recommend that measurements are carried out once every day in the morning (at home / hotel). Since the system takes a full EKG we also recommend that each crew member owns his personal equipment.This tool is mainly used to self-assess and detect long-term fatigue.
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Pricing will depend on the level of customisation you require for the app to make it most useful for your business. Customisation can range from simply adding your company logo, to adjusting the app so that the data will be automatically submitted to your server, to full service such as regular fatigue data analysis (the advantage of which is that you do not have the raw data on your server and therefore cannot be forced to disclose it in case of an accident or incident).

Please give us the estimated number of app users and a short note on who you are / your flight operations and we will get back to you with more details.
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MobileTime Zone Map


This module helps you keep track of the time-zones you crossed over time. Simple open the module prior to departure, confirm the time zone, then re-open it after arrival and confirm the time zone of your destination.


Have you ever wondered how many time zones you have crossed in your career? This module will help you keep track of the time zones which you crossed. Prior to departure open the module, confirm your departure location and time zone. Then after arrival re-open the module, again confirm your new location and time zone. The time zones which you crossed will add up and a statistics gives you numbers crossed to the East and numbers crossed to the West (the East-West decision is based on your “home base” which you entered in personal settings).Why this module: It is a known fact that humans suffer from jet lag, some more than others. The time zone crossings become increasingly important when the duration of your stay is long enough so that your body clock begins to adjust.

MobileFatigue Report


Fatigue reporting is an important element in any FRMS – the app allows you to quickly create such a report. By asking questions it will lead you through. Your data will be either stored on your airline´s own server or on own server.

This app module allows you to create a fatigue report – fast and simple – by entering the respective fields and answering some questions. The personal data which you provided in the “personal setting” section will be used, so in order to keep your report de-identified do not use your real name. Depending on your airline´s preference your data will be either stored on your airline´s server or on our server. If the data is kept on your server your fatigue management subject matter expert can do the analysis. If the data is on our server we can do it for your airline (for pricing please contact us). Our server is located in Europe and we comply with the stringent data protection requirements of EU.

Please note that it is possible to custom-tailor the layout of the fatigue report but only at some cost. Please contact us for pricing.

MobilePVT Game


Vigilance testing is also an element of any FRMS. Check your vigilance! You will have to memorise an eight-digit number, randomly created. After the test you will receive a score which you can compare with your previous result.


PVT stands for “Performance Vigilance Testing” – the idea is to have an objective measurement of fatigue related performance. The module works off-line (in aeroplane mode) and will transfer the data once you have internet access.The PVT in its current version is a simple game were a eight-digit number is randomly created and displayed for 10 seconds. You will have to memorise that number (do not cheat by writing it down). Once the time is up you enter the number from memory. It is assumed that the more mistakes you make and the longer it takes you to enter the number the lower your fatigue-related performance level is.

MobileMood Analysis


People react differently to fatigue - on many the mood is affected. The mood analyser asks you simple questions, e.g. if you feel tired or exhausted. This will back up the information provided through fatigue reporting and the PVT game.

This module allows you to complement your fatigue report data with a description of the mood your are currently in. The questions have to be answered on a scale from 1 to 6 and the module works off-line (in aeroplane mode)

You will first enter your departure and arrival aerodrome (IATA three-letter code), assuming that you use the mood analyzer while on a flight, prior to or after filing a fatigue report..

Then you answer the following questions on a scale from 1 to 6 were 1 means “not at all” and 6 means “very much”In good mood?, Energetic?, Tired? and more..